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10111 employees goes on strike over wage disagreement

The South African Police Service (SAPS) employees in 10111 call centre operation will on Wednesday go on strike over disagreement about salary increment.

South African Police Service 10111 call centre Midrand

On Wednesday the spokesperson for the call centre employees, the South African Policing Union (Sapu) Bethuel Nkuna declared that the 10111 call centre employees are the lowest earning in government call centre.

“They should have handled our matter differently, also taking into consideration the essential service that people’s lives depend on the staff. So they left us with no choice,” he reportedly said.

Over 400 workers in Gauteng are expected to picket outside the Midrand offices on Wednesday morning.
Meantime, police members will be asked to step in and assist with the call centre’s operations.

According to reports, the workers want the SAPS to increase their current salary level from level 5 to level 7. Government employees reportedly earn about R130 000 per annum on level 5 and R180 000 per annum on level 7.

Sapu general secretary Oscar Skommere says that South Africans should be angry with the SAPS and no the call centre workers.
“We have been negotiating with SAPS for years. We submitted our memorandum of demands two weeks ago and they initially agreed, but soon changed their minds for no reason,” Skommere says.