411 Style Reviews – Gorgeously Bold Boutique.

Simphiwe Khoza


Gorgeously Bold Boutique (GBB) opened its doors in 2013 when Lesego Sakutu and her husband Jyro Sakutu took a chance in running the business from their home. 411 Style took to meet the vivacious Lesego at her GBB store in Midrand.

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GBB is currently running on an order based system, where most of the clothes that they have showcased on display at the store, are already accounted for and previously ordered. With that said, the store doesn’t have the capacity yet to cater for walk in clients although that is something she intends to look into in the near future.

Lesego always had a love for fashion and clothes but didn’t know that she was going to become a designer, however, “I knew that I wanted to be a business owner by the time I reach the age of 40” said Lesego.

With her design aesthetic being African Prints, and GBB haven opened its doors in 2013, one may say that perhaps the designer was being futuristic in incorporating those prints into modern day and everyday wear.

Lesego added that “For me when an African woman wears African prints, they show a sense of being “Bold” and that’s where “Gorgeously Bold” came from and was born”.

Lesego continued to tell us that she doesn’t really get inspired by a particular era in time but rather she draws inspiration from a lot of things including fabric itself, “once I see a fabric I already know what I’m going to be doing with it” said the designer.

Lesego went on to say that a part of her plan is to go retail at a certain point in time, but for now, she is looking into selling her clothes online.

She’s hoping that the online store will be up and running by the first of September 2017 – of course, we’ll be there to witness it all as it unfolds and keep you in the loop about it.


Gorgeously Bold Boutique (GBB)