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Ajax Amsterdam midfielder Abdelhak Nouri survives a “Heart Attack!”

Ajax Amsterdam midfielder Abdelhak Nouri survives a heart attack after collapsing in a pitch

Ajax Amsterdam midfielder Abdelhak Nouri survived a heart attack after he went down and collapse in a pitch during a friendly match between during a pre-season friendly against Werder Bremen in Austria on Saturday…

The 20-year-old was air-lifted to a hospital after receiving a medical treatment in the pitch during the second half of the pre-season encounter against Werder Bremen.

His club Ajax Amsterdam confirmed the player has survived a heart attack and is out of danger but “kept asleep” in hospital after collapsing.

The match was abandoned, with Ajax tweeting soon after that Nouri had heart arrhythmias, a condition whereby the organ beats either too fast or too slow.

The reasons for his collapse were unclear but he is being kept in intensive care and “out of danger”.

“Since arriving at the hospital he has been thoroughly examined. He had a weak heart beat and is being kept asleep to allow for optimal treatment and care,” the club said in a statement.