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ANC MPs not allowed to vote according to their conscious

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the African National Congress (ANC) says it expects its members in parliament to vote according to the decision of the Caucus of the party.

In the post NEC statement the party announced that their members who decide to vote against its  parliamentary caucus will be breaking the rules of the movement:

“On the motion of no confidence against the President proposed in Parliament, the NEC reaffirmed its confidence in comrades deployed as Members of Parliament (MP) trusting that they would continue to conduct themselves in line with Constitution, prescripts and norms of the African National Congress. ” said ANC in a post NEC statement.
“Regardless of whether a secret ballot is granted by the court or not, ANC MPs, as always, are expected to vote in line with the decision of the Caucus of the ANC.
Failure to do so is in violation of Rule of the ANC Constitution defines an act of misconduct as:
acting on behalf of or in collaboration with:
  1. counter-revolutionary forces;
  2. a political organisation or party other than an organisation or party in alliance with the ANC in a manner contrary to the aims, policies and objectives of the ANC;

The party was responding to the calls made by some of the struggle stalwarts who called on members to vote according to their conscious in a motion against President Jacob Zuma in parliament.


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