ANC Stalwart calls for Zuma & his cabinet to step_down

Mathews Phosa has denied that he wrote the highly controversial report in which Dvid Mabuza was fingered as an apartheid spy, and which has led to Mabuza instituting a R10 million defamation lawsuit against Phosa. Picture: Bongiwe Mchunu

The African National Congress (ANC) stalwart Mathews Phosa calls for President Jacob Zuma and his entire cabinet to resign in the interest of the country economy.

The former Premier of Mpumalanga as well as a member of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC has called on President Zuma and his cabinet to resign together with his entire NEC.

Delivering the OR Tambo memorial lecture in East London, Phosa says South Africa urgently needs a change in political leadership and a reshaped economic policy.

“At the very least we need a new political leadership, changes in our economic policy, urgent changes to our education system, and consensus between all stakeholders on how we revive the rainbow spirit in our nation.” said ANC veteran Matthews Phosa.

“Our executive, under the presidents’ leadership, has long ceased to understand and illustrate that they have a sworn duty to uplift and protect the poorest of the poor. When I use the term executive, or cabinet, I do not exclude a single member, whether he or she is a minister, or deputy minister, or part of the executive presidency.”

There would be no debate about “judicial overreach” if Zuma, his cabinet, and the National Assembly took their constitutional duties, and responsibility towards the poor, seriously.

“For the president to blame, to utilise the ‘they hate me’ argument is childish, disingenuous, and in bad taste. It is time to go, Mr ‘president’.

“You have failed the voiceless and the most vulnerable.

“They will, however, find their voices at the ballot box.

“We are clearly at a juncture in our young liberation where we need leaders who understand that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, as well as that the poor, and not our and our friends’ already swollen pockets, should be our focus,” Phosa said.




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