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BPC seeks bidders to build 100 megawatt solar plant

Botswana Power Corporation

Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), is looking for bidders to build a 100 megawatt (MW) solar plant to help uplift the standard of energy security in the country.

BPC is a Botswana state-owned power utility.

Botswana, as well-known diamond-rich country in southern Africa, is facing power supply crisis which make it to depend on South Africa and Mozambique for power generation.

BPC has published a document on its website stating that it is expecting a high energy demand to double up to 1,359 MW from around 600 MW.

“BPC would, therefore, like to engage companies into a joint venture for the development, implementation and operation of a 100 MW solar power plant with suitable storage capacity,” it said.

Botswana is now using most of its power usage from its coal-fired Morupule B power plant through the 300 MW expansion and the successful bidder to take the project is expected to begin two years prior to the appointment date.

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