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Corruption Watch backed Public Protector’s findings in Absa

Corruption Watch has backed the Public Protector’s finding in Absa regarding R1.12 billion bailout loan issued by the South African Reserve Bank to the failed bank Bankorp before it becomes part of Absa.

Corruption Watch backed Public Protector’s findings in Absa

The corruption watch says Absa must respect the Findings delivered by the Public Protector and urged the Bank to repay the apartheid-era bailout or launch a judicial review

This comes after Busisiwe Mkhwebane released her findings that the Reserve Bank funded the failed bank Bankorp on Monday.

According to Corruption Watch’s David Lewis says that Absa should immediately make it clear whether it will abide or launch a judicial review.

“We think it’s very important that the views of the Public Protector are respected. It’s important that outstanding issues of apartheid are looked at as well.

In the meantime Absa says was in her own state by recommending that the mandate of the Reserve Bank’s monetary policy should change.