Cosatu won’t be part of bilateral meeting with ANC


The South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) say it will not part of a bilateral meeting with the African National Congress (ANC) on Monday.

The South African Trade Unions (Cosatu)

Cosatu says the federation will not be part of the engagement after the ANC canceled previous political council meeting.

Over the weekend ANC top six members were in talks ahead of a bilateral meeting with its alliance.

The ruling party wants alliance partners to explain positions they have taken about President Jacob Zuma.

While the Federation took a decision to bar him from its activities, Cosatu and the South African Communist Party have called on the president to step down.

Spokesperson Zizi Kodwa confirmed the top brass met on Sunday. “It was important that the ANC meet to prepare for the meeting on Monday.”

Leaders met on Sunday to discuss allegations raised within the ruling party and a reshuffle of President Jacob Zuma’s cabinet.

There are six ministers and two deputy ministers who are part of the SACP’s CEC. The same alliance has called for the president’s resignation.

The president’s supporters in the party’s NEC have previously pushed for these ministers to resign or be axed.