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Court rules against expelled EFF Mogale City councillors

The Gauteng South High Court has dismissed an urgent interdict by the six Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Mogale City councillors after being dismissed by the party for voting with the ruling party African National Congress (ANC) during the motion of No confidence.

These councillors sought to interdict their removal from the council by the party following their expulsion from the organisation.

The court ruled against them and dismissed their case with costs.

“We welcome this dismissal particularly because these six councillors’ argument as to why they must not be removed was that they would loose their salaries.” said the EFF

“In essence, they did not go to court to defend their membership in the EFF, but the salaries they earn from being councillors.

“This proves our long-held suspicion that they are driven by money and not service to our revolution and the people.”

The EFF said they will be following up on the court order to make sure that these councillors pay the costs of the case.