De Lille’s DA membership terminated over alleged Radio interview


The Democratic Alliance (DA) has announced the termination of the membership of Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille based on alleged Radio comments.

The party said it has terminated the Cape Town mayor’s membership following her comments in an interview with Eusebius McKaiser on Radio 702 on 26 April 2018 were De Lille said she will resign from the party after she cleared her name.

De Lille interview with Eusebius McKaiser on Radio 702:

Eusebius McKaiser: Let’s say the morning after you win the legal case, however, do you really want to still be part of the DA?

De Lille: No, no, no, no, I’ve said it many times before, Eusebius, you know, the writing’s on the wall that people don’t want me for whatever reason.

On another occasion, Mr McKaiser asks:

Eusebius McKaiser: If I hear you, you are saying, ideally I want to clear my name, Eusebius, that’s why I am going to court and if I win this battle, and when I win it because I know I’ve done nothing wrong, then the morning after I have won the court case then I will resign from the DA.

De Lille: I will walk away. You summed it up correctly.

The party said its Constitution provides, that “A member ceases to be a member when he or she  publicly declares his or her intention to resign and/or publicly declares his or her resignation from the Party;”

DA said her membership had ceased as of 26 April, the date of the 702 interview and she have been informed of the decision.

“The fact that she has ceased to be a member renders the other processes (the disciplinary and the operation of the accountability clause) moot. The Federal Executive did, however, support the motion passed by the caucus, and will apply the accountability clause should the need arise. The Federal Executive has therefore not at this point made any decision on the accountability aspect.” said DA during the media briefing.

“We wish Ms de Lille well in her future endeavours and thank her for the service she has given the Party.

“Our priority is to restore stability and coherence to the City government so that we can continue to provide excellent and responsive services to the people of the City.

“We recognise that we will need to rebuild trust with the voters and will do our utmost best to ensure that we get back to the business of governing Cape Town.”

Ms de Lille is expected to give her response to the DA’s decision to terminate her membership before she clears her name in court..

Original charge sheet:

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