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Due date for Zille to make representation on her “suspension”

Former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Helen Zille
Former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Helen Zille

The former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader and the Western Cape Premier Helen Zille is running out time to make representation in the DA Federal Executive on why she should not be suspended from all the activities within the party.

The highest decision making body in the DA, the Federal Executive know as the FEDEX has offered Ms Zille to explain why she should not be suspended from all activities within the party after she was issued with the suspension notice on Saturday.

Zille who ran the party for over a decade was given a suspension notice during this part weekend for refusing to apologize following her racist remarks she made about colonial government being better than the democratic government.

Zille racist colonial remarks:


Helen Zille was given the 72 hours opportunity to indicate to the party why she should not be so suspended.

Today is the due date for her to make a representation.

“The final decision of the DA Federal Executive regarding whether to suspend Helen Zille will be made once any such representations have been made and considered.” the party said in a statement last weekend


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