Ennerdale residents criticizes DA over housing crises


Residents of Ennerdale have criticized the Democratic Alliance (DA) government in the City of Joburg after failing to address housing crisis in the area.

A resident says the city of Johannesburg must built houses in a conducive environment saying they no longer believe empty promises.

Some roads have been barricaded and blocked with burning tyres while schools have been closed for the day.

Residents also criticized President Jacob Zuma for undermining their demands and attend the dispute in Vuwani while residents of Ennerdale complained about housing for over 20 nyears.

“Why if there’s a burning issue in Vuwani that he runs quickly there without even having an invitation to come there? Now today we’re pleading with him to come here.”

In the early hours of Tuesday morning a large number of people were prevented from going to work by angry residents who took their frustration to streets.

A large number of Police were deployed to monitor the  since Monday, At the same time, Ennerdale residents say they have been left with no choice but to close schools while the township remains on lockdown.

One mother says the only way the community can ensure that government listens to their demands, is the shut down all services in the area.

A high presence of police officers arrived in the area to monitor the protest.



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