Eskom board defends Molefe over Optimum mine sales


Eskom board chairman Ben Ngubane has dismissed claims made against him and CEO Brian Molefe concerning sales of Optimum mine.

The then Mineral Resources Minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi has accused Molefe and Ngumbane of trying to blackmail resources giant Glonere to give Gupta owned Company control over the mine.

Rumors say Ngumbane may have helped the Gupta Family during the process of buying the mine.

The allegations come through while Eskom CEO was at the African Utility Week conference where the he was set to speak.

On Tuesday Ngubane was speaking on the sidelines of the conference in Cape Town.

Ngubane maintained that the allegations made by minister Ramatlhodi are preposterous.

“We can’t instruct a minister on what to do. We take our problems to ministers and ask for help. Now for a minister to claim that we made him take a decision on something is preposterous.”

Ngubane also apologized on Molefe’s behalf at the conference, saying he had other urgent business to attend to.

Opposition parties seeks for High court ruling over Molefe’s reinstatement.


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