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Firefighter’s team remains on the ground in Knysna

Firefighting team will remain on the ground in Knysna, regardless of the deadly fire being contained in the region.

Firefighting team will remain on the ground in Knysna

Last week a deadly fire claimed the life of seven people in the Western Cape after blaze breaks out in the area due to winds after the severe cold front.

Over 500 structures destroyed in Knysna, while 10, 000 people were displaced from their homes.

According to Western Cape government’s James-Brent Styan, rescue teams were deployed to the area including firefighters and helicopters from the air force.

“Most the teams remain on site along with two helicopters from the air force just in case some big flare up occurs but we’re not really too concerned about that happening”. Says Styan.

“We want to again thank everybody for their incredibly hard work they have done.”

The Western Cape Local Government Department says the focus will now shift to damage assessments and reconstitution efforts after the wildfires that ravaged parts of the Southern Cape have been contained.


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