Hassan Rouhani wins Iran presidential elections by 23.549 million votes


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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has secured the necessary majority in Friday’s election, defeating his conservative rival, Ebrahim Raisi, the former judicial official and prosecutor.

Iran’s state television has declared incumbent President Hassan Rouhani the winner of the country’s presidential election, giving him a second four-year term to see out his agenda calling for greater freedoms and outreach to the wider world.

Rouhani has secured over 23.549 million votes, while Raisi has garnered around 15.786 million.

The rest of the candidates trailed far behind the front-runners, with Mostafa Mirsalim getting 478,215 votes and Mostafa Hashem Taba 219,450 votes at the latest count.

The 68-year-old has come to embody more liberal and reform-minded Iranians’ hopes for greater political freedom at home and better relations with the outside world.


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