Health officials denounce “Malaria Ourbreak” in eastern parts of Limpopo

Malaria patients in Limpopo following an outbreak

Department of Health officials in Limpopo denounces the outbreak of Malaria desease in some eastern parts of the province following the death of over 30-patients.

What is Malaria?

    Malaria is a life-threatening blood disease caused by parasites transmitted to humans through the bite of the Anopheles mosquito.
    Causes‎: Plasmodium spread by ‎mosquitos
    Prevention‎: Mosquito nets‎, ‎insect repellent‎, mo…
    Symptoms‎: Fever, vomiting, headache

After several cases of  Malaria deaths confirmed in the Eastern parts Limpopo, the provincial Health Department says the widespread of malaria in the province is under control and has not reached the stage of ‘Out-break’ yet despite the thousands affected.

The Health department is expected to released a conclusive report on the number of malaria-related cases this week with some reports claiming the spreading of the decease though-out the eastern regions of the Province towards Mpumalanga province.

According to the Department, their Health officials in Limpopo are trying their level best to decrease malaria cases that have been occurring in the province since last week.

Even with cases being reported mostly in Mopani and Vhembe districts, Health officials insist the situation is under control.

“The cases of malaria are rapidly going and the situation is currently highly under control,” said Limpopo health department spokesperson Thabiso Teffo.

“Fatalities are currently a percentage of the entire infections, not necessarily the numbers per say.

The people of Limpopo are blaming the government for failing to spray mosquito repellent in the area, just like previous years but Officials point the problem to heavy rains.

In Ngove village, community leaders say malaria cases have more than tripled compared to last year.

Community leader Christopher Rhokhotso said “We know that there is malaria here, last year we had five cases now starting from, April up until now it’s been worse.”

Despite all the comments made by the residents and leaders in Limpopo, authorities say the case numbers are decreasing due to awareness programmes.

According to the Citizens:



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