How to help your heart survive the festive season cheer?

Alcohol intake
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Nicole Jennings, spokesperson for Pharma Dynamics – SA’s leading supplier of heart medication has proviced us much important tips & suggestions on how to help our hearts survive the festive season cheer.  Jennings suggests the following:

“Limit your alcohol intake, especially if you have congenital heart disease or have an increased risk of heart disease as a result of obesity, smoking, high cholesterol or hypertension. Don’t overeat during the holidays either and try to reduce your salt intake. Too much salt could cause water retention and an increase in blood pressure, putting you at greater risk of a heart attack.

“Lay low on coffee, energy drinks and fizzy drinks as they all contain caffeine which can act as a heart stimulant and cause AF. Avoid stress by exercising, meditating and getting enough sleep. Too much stress elevates cortisol levels in the body, which can increase your heart rate and blood pressure in the same way that caffeine does.

“Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. A sudden change in eating patterns and physical exertion (common during the summer holidays) can result in dehydration. When at a party be sure to eat something before taking alcohol and remember to drink enough water in between drinks since alcohol strips water from the body,” she recommends.

For delicious heart-healthy festive season eats and treats, try any of the more than 100 recipes from They’ve each been given the Heart and Stroke Foundation of SA’s stamp of approval and most are diabetic-friendly too.


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