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“I urge all women to report all forms of abuse” – Minister Mbalula

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula has called on women to report cases of abuse at a time when women have been “under siege”.

The Minister said this when he briefed journalists in Cape Town ahead of the Ministry’s Budget Vote debate on Tuesday.

“Our ability to protect South Africa must be validated by our ability to protect the most vulnerable members of society – women and children.

“South Africa is engulfed by the attacks against women and children… Society must have an in-depth reflection on what has gone wrong in our country, while police continue to bring perpetrators to book.

“I urge all women to report all forms of abuse before we lose lives,” he said.

The Minister lauded the manner in which the media has carried reports of cases with regard to women being abused and killed, and said the fourth estate has been more constructive and brought the necessary awareness to the issue.

“We need these kinds of partnerships to fight all forms of crimes, especially the ones directed at women and children. South Africans must continue using social media to highlight abuse against women but we urge them to report these cases to the police.”

The Minister said, meanwhile, that police would soon embark on a national campaign to ensure that women are protected and not turned away from police stations when reporting cases of abuse.

He said this amid reports that Karabo Mokoena, 22, who was allegedly killed and burned by her boyfriend recently, was turned away from a police station when she tried to open a case.


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