Lehohla worries about the increase of unemployment rate

Increase of unemployment rate

Statistician-General Pali Lehohla has tabled the Quarterly Labour Force survey results which showed an increase of unemployment rate at 27.7%, in Pretoria on Thursday.

Lehohla states that the reason why the increase of unemployment is so high it’s because of the high number of people looking for placements and the rate is believed to be the highest since September 2003.

Lehohla argues that: “It is also driven by the job search that is the more people that come into the labour market looking for jobs, then that increases your unemployment.”

Lehohla further explains that the cause of high unemployment rate is not only caused by people losing their jobs, because while some jobs are created in certain sectors, losing jobs is always in high numbers.

Statistics SA shows that while some sectors had awesome growth such as the manufacturing with 62, 000, the mining sector experienced growth with 26,000 after an overhauling drop in four successive quarters.


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