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Lesufi seeks review over hair policies in private schools

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has urged the private education unit to review its policies on hairstyle at private schools.

Andrek Panyaza Lesufi was appointed MEC for Education in June 2014.

Lesufi says the implementation of new policies at private schools violates human rights, education department says it will step in to defend the rights of school learners.

This comes after a group of girls with afros and braids were kicked out of Windsor House College in Kempton Park earlier this week allegedly because their hair was unruly.

Lesufi says his department has made progress in correcting the hair policies in public schools.

Last year a similar incident occurred at the Pretoria Girls High.

He added that his department will engage the unit that deals with private education and review will be conducted over the new policies in private schools.

“I’ll ask the unit that’s dealing with private education just to review all the regulations related to this matter, within the private education system as well so that we can have a communication and resolve it.

“But I’m quite comfortable that this is something everyone believes it’s wrong.”

Lesufi says he will provide counseling for the pupils who were kicked out of Windsor House College.

“You can hear from the voices of those young girls that they are going through pain, so I’ll ask the team just to have a support system for them.”

The Windsor House College has been given three months to review its policies.