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Limpopo Province loses 56 000 jobs – Labour Force Survey

Unemployment crisis in SA

According to the recent Quarterly Labour Force Survey Limpopo Province have lost an estimation of about 56,000.00 jobs in the first quarter this year.

The current unemployment rate of 38.2% has been reported despite the commitment made by Premier Stan Mathabatha to make jobs the number one priority of his administration this year.

According to the Quarterly Labour Force Survey, Limpopo is among one of the Provinces that lost the highest number of jobs.

The jobs losses per sectors:

  • Construction– 20 000 jobs lost;
  • Community and Social Services -13 000 jobs lost;
  • Transport- 11 000 jobs lost;
  • Finance -10 000 jobs lost; and
  • Private households -10 000 jobs lost.


The Provincial economy feels presure to absorb more than 1,9 million economically active citizens with about 371 000 discouraged job seekers.

The Provincial government is accused of Fruitless and wasteful expenditure


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