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Maimane manhandled & deported back home by Zambian Police

Member of Parliament and the leader opposition party, Democratic Alliance (DA) Mmusi Maimane and his bodyguard was barred from entering the Republic of Zambia by police officers on Thursday.

Maimane was due to attend the treason trial of Hakainde Hichilema, Zambia’s main opposition leader.

He says he was aggressively confronted by Zambian immigration officers at Lusaka Airport and denied entry into the country.

According to his party, Zambian Police forcefully prevent Mr. Maimane from entering Zambia on Africa Day. He was forcefully prevented from entering the Republic of Zambia, by Zambian Police who boarded his arriving SAA flight upon touchdown.

Acting spokesperson Graham Charters says Maimane was with a bodyguard and his chief of staff.

“However, that was more than enough protection for a regular flight for a regular citizen to another African country. Mr Maimane didn’t, for one minute, anticipate that he would be met with such force and such authoritarian rule.”

Here is the full statement:



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