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Mashaba: local government must build houses for SA Citizens

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba says local governments will fast track its programme to build affordable houses for South African Citizens.

Herman Mashaba is a South African entrepreneur, politician, and Mayor of Johannesburg. He is the founder of the hair products company Black Like Me.

“I will do everything possible to provide accommodation. But the City of Johannesburg will only provide accommodation to South Africans. Foreigners, whether legal or illegal, are not the responsibility of the city. I run the municipality. I don’t run the national government.”

This comes after residents in Joburg CBD on Jeppe Street were evicted by the Red Ants after hijacking a building.

Mashaba says those who returned to the building will be declared illegal occupants.

Two weeks ago, seven people died when a similar building caught fire on the same street.

Mashaba confirmed that over 300, 000 people are looking for housing in the city while, 152, 000 people expect the mayor to build them better houses.

“When I inherited the municipality, I discovered a crisis where buildings had been hijacked. It’s still a mystery to me why we allowed the breakdown of law to happen under our watch. At least 300,000 people are looking for houses in our city today. And I’m sitting with a list where 152,000 people expect me, as the executive mayor, to provide accommodation. “