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Mbalula urges police to be vigilant over withdrawal of cases

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula has urged officers to be vigilant when dealing with the withdrawal of cases predominantly by victims of abuse.

Fikile April Mbalula is the Minister of Police in the Cabinet of South Africa, a former deputy minister of police

This comes after 25-year-old Tumi and 23-year-old Tshepo Sefela were gun down by Tumi’s boyfriend in Alexandra on Sunday.

According to reports she had opened a case of abuse against him and got a protection order but later withdrew them.

Mbalula says that police need to be tactful when dealing with women who claim to be victims of abuse and then later want to withdraw the cases.

He added that officers must examine matters before they consider withdrawal of cases.

“If we’d have justified the call by that woman or anybody, that you have been violated, so we’re going ahead, probably we could have preserved a life.”

Mbalula says the community should play its role than protected the culprits.

“Even yourself, wherever you are, judge for yourself. Somebody who beat you up every day, somebody who treats you as a property, walk away.”

Tumi’s assassination is among thousands of cases that were reported early this year after a number of women were killed and burned by their partners.