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MiWay to laying criminal charges following racist email saga

MiWay has rejected allegations over recent racist email and it will consider laying criminal charges against the person behind the tragedy.

MiWay is a reputable insurance company with excellent Hellopeter compliment rating. The Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance (OSTI) released its 2016 annual report and MiWay’s overturn rate was the lowest of the large insurers.

A screenshot of racist email which believed to be one of Miway’s officials, saying “This is a reminder of yesterday’s managers meeting. The final decisions was to reject 90% of claims made by black people as from 1 August 2017.They are an easy target, it’s also a great opportunity to save money and also punish these black baboons.”

According to EWN CEO Rene Otto says they have enlisted the help of an independent forensic expert after an internal probe linked the email to a disgruntled client.

Otto says the malicious attacks emerged after the insurance company failed to pay a claim submitted by a dissatisfied client.

“As far as we could establish in the hour or so that we’ve been able to look into it, it was a disgruntled client who was unhappy because we couldn’t pay his claim. He had email contact with us because in the process of validating the claim, we did send the emails. That’s how he got a name of a MiWay staff member, and clearly, he thought the way to punish us was the way he did”.

“The steps that we’re going to take are that we need to follow a stronger verification process to look at the possibility of criminal charges, to take the civil action against the individual involved.”

This comes a month after Outsurance was also criticized over a racist advert on father’s day celebration.

The controversial advert, which was shared on Twitter and Facebook, came under intense criticism for failing to represent SA’s racial demographics.

The advert featured a collage of videos of fathers interacting with their children and was meant as a celebration of the fathers who are present in their children’s lives. But it sparked outrage among social media users who complained that all but one of the dads featured were white.

Otto says updates on the investigation will be shared on their website and social media accounts.