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More harsher fines for wasteful residents – City Cape Town

Cape Town intensifies water restrictions

The City of Cape Town say residents who defy the new water restriction policy could face hash fines and sanctions.

On Thursday the municipality announced that water restriction must be taken serious saying the city suffer water crises due to law rainfall.

Residents are prohibited from wash vehicles or top up swimming pools with potable water and water their gardens.

The city has been in talks with magistrates about the new fine arrangement.

According to Mayco member for water and waste services Xanthea Limberg says an implementation of the new structure in water unit had been put in place, saying the process of employing water work team is complete.

“They will be going out and doing the enforcement. We are working on further capacitating our call centre and our water work team. That has been done and we have allocated initial staff there.”

Limberg says the city is targeting to reduce the collective usage from 666 million litres per day to 500 million.

“Essentially we are asking every single individual to contain their usage to 100 litres of water per person per day, so that everyone can make their individual contribution. Obviously, the demand management fine is one aspect and the restrictions are key to that.”