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New developments in the Triple murder accused Van Breda trail

Triple murder accused Van Breda trail

 Trial of Henri Van Breda 22 takes another direction after a crime-scene investigator testified in the triple-murder trial, on Thursday.

Van Breda, 22, has been charged with three counts of murder, one of attempted murder and one of defeating the ends of justice after his mother, father and brother 22, were killed with an axe.

The 22 year old pleaded not guilty and claimed that the incident happened during a break at his house in Stellenbosch.

Warrant officer Andrè Hitchcock spent three weeks combing the De Zalze Golf Estate house where members of the family were murdered in 2015.

The house in Stellenbosch, reported to have since sold for R5.8 million, was so large that Warrant Officer Andrè Hitchcock also had a colleague to help him collect evidence, which included DNA swabs.

Hitchock said the first thing he did was to take video footage of the house, which was still untouched after the attacks, then photographed everything that could be used as evidence.

Once he had done this, he then placed orange cones at certain points where he would collect evidence, and photographed these as well.

The officer than took several DNA swabs, including from the shower handle, the shower floor, a cupboard in the family’s study and the axe found on the stairs.

“Because it was a big (crime) scene, a colleague went with me,” Hitchcock said.

The house was also left relatively neat after the attack, Hitchcock said, adding that this was unusual after a break-in, which is what Van Breda claimed had happened.

Hitchcock, who had 22 years’ experience in forensics and had attended thousands of cases, said usually during a break-in drawers are tossed about as robbers search for valuables.

Hitchcock’s cross-examination continues on Monday when the trial is expected to re-commence.






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