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Panyaza Lesufi disbands Klipspruit Secondary School SGB

Gauteng MEC Panyaza Lesufi breifs the media over Klipspruit-West Secondary School racial issues
Gauteng MEC Panyaza Lesufi breifs the media over Klipspruit-West | Pic: twitter

“Coloured Area! Coloured School! Coloured Principal!” This is according to the parents of the pupils of the Klipspruit Secondary School in the community in Klipspruit West who refused to welcome the black Principal in their school despite the level of education and quality.

Racial issues seem to have raised their bar once again in South Africa, as pupils in Klipspruit Secondary School in  Klipspruit West, Johannesburg, Soweto were forced to miss their first day of the third term.

Gauteng MEC of Education Panyaza Lesufi was forced to disband the School Governing body at the school following the disappointing behavior by the school yesterday..

Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi discusses coloured parents protesting over appointment of black principal at Klipspruit High School:


This was due to angry parents who were protesting against the appointment of a black principal, they locked the school gates, and vowed to disrupt learning unless the Gauteng Department of Education rescinded its decision.

The school Governing Body member Henry Charles said, the racial tension was triggered by the community demanding the appointment of a coloured principal. The community claims there is lack of representation of colored people in school leadership.

Charles was also part of the panel that interviewed the applicants for the position at hand, he said “During the process we were asked what criteria we are going to use with regards to race. I stood up and said I would score five for coloreds and I’ll score four for black people.”

The parents want a colored principal because according to them, that is a colored area and should therefore have a colored principal.

Coloured parents at Klipspruit says their children have been racially abused by black teachers for years.

The department spokesperson Oupa Bodibe said, “The department has learnt the disturbing news that the community in Klipspruit West has rejected the principal because of skin color.”

“This action is strongly condemned, as it runs against the non-racial principles of our society. Educators are appointed on the basis of qualification and experience.”

In the meeting between the governing body, Education Department officials, SA Teachers Democratic Union and parents, it was decided that the department needs to relook the new appointment and a caretaker principal should be appointed.

A similar incident happened last year in Roodepoort School after it was temporarily closed three times.

This happened after a dispute that started in 2015 when parents claimed the principal was unfairly appointed ahead of a better teacher.