President Zuma welcomes elimination over HIV transmission

Elimination over HIV transmission

President Jacob Zuma has warmly welcomed the effort that government has put to eliminate the transmission for HIV/Aids.

Zuma has revealed that the number of people testing for the disease have grown superbly since the inception of the HIV/Aids programme in 2009.

Zuma was addressing the National Assembly on Wednesday on the status quo of the Presidency’s budget.

President Zuma is thrilled on the increment of the tests which were done and is glad to note it has reach 14 million from 2 million.

Zuma explains: “South Africa has the largest HIV treatment programme in the world, with more than 3.8 million people in the public sector on treatment.”

Zuma was pleased to know that there has been a decrease of mother-to-child HIV transmissions from 70, 000 in 2004.

“Due to our very successful prevention of mother-to-child transmission programme, the figure has dramatically dropped to below 6000,” Zuma said.

The president has encouraged fellow compatriots to go get tested for the virus.



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