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Racist St John’s College ‘Teacher’ FIRED & OUT!

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi meet the St John’s College leadership | Picture Credit: @EducationGP
Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi meet the St John’s College leadership | Picture Credit: @EducationGP

The St John’s College ‘Educator or Teacher’ who was found guilty of three serious charges including racism and abuse has found herself packing away from educating. This after the Gauteng Provincial Department of Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi interventions.

Gauteng Provincial Department of Education confirmed on Friday that the racist St John’s College ‘teacher’ has left the school with immediate effect.

The MEC had visited the school earlier on Friday and held a meeting with the School Management Team in which he expressed his disappointment and unhappiness following the decision to retain the teacher, even after he was found guilty following a disciplinary process.

The teacher was found guilty of three charges including contravening the South African Council of Educator’s (SACE) Code of Conduct, making racist and derogatory statements and for bringing the school into disrepute.

The teacher had been allowed to continue teaching at the school despite being found to have victimised pupils based on their race. After he was issued with a final written warning, he stepped down from senior positions at the institution and also received a pay cut.

The MEC said the final written warning was unsatisfactory considering the seriousness of the charges and the guilty finding against the educator.

Subsequent to the meeting with the St John’s College management, MEC Lesufi met the representatives of the Independent Schools Association of South Africa (ISASA) to discuss the issues facing the private education sector.

It was agreed that a summit would be facilitated in September 2017 to deal in detail with all issues affecting private and independent schools in particular.

The department said a date for the summit will be announced in due course.

“All schools, whether they are public or private, cannot have codes of conduct that contravene the Constitution of South Africa.

“We will deal with racism decisively and not give racists space to breath because non-racialism is non-negotiable,” said MEC Lesufi.

The department said it takes allegations of racism very seriously and it will not hesitate to act swiftly to deal with matters relating to racism.

Earlier today, the MEC had given the management of the school until 1pm to reverse its decision regarding the teacher.


Members of the affected communities, civil rights activists and parents of the black children picketed outside the St John’s College during the weak following the revelations:

Teacher fired:

The school took the decision to release the teach from all education related activities on Friday following the racism related incident she was involved in with one of the student who allegedly did well in one of the tests.

Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has welcomed the decision to fire the educator found guilty of three serious charges including racism at St John’s College in Johannesburg.

The department on Friday said the educator has left the school with immediate effect.


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