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Ramaphosa on Land reform and transformation

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa

Speaking on Land reform and transformation in the agriculture sector Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said meaningful change to truly empower black farmers requires collaboration between established farmers, emerging black farmers, farmworkers, government and labour.

To successfully advance transformation, he said, it is important initiatives like PALS take on board the interests, concerns and suggestions of broader community.

“We need to build consensus around land reform and transformation. Initiatives like PALS need to be inclusive, transparent and accountable. We must always bear in mind that we are dealing with a national asset in which all South Africans have a stake.

“The land ultimately belongs to the people of South Africa, and it is the people of South Africa, collectively, who must determine how it can be best used to advance their common interests. The work of PALS will be successful only if it is located within the broader challenges facing the agricultural sector and the broader challenges affecting the community,” Deputy President Ramaphosa said.