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Riky Rick, Kaggiso Rabada scores impressive Gig with Vaseline

Local Hip Hop Star Riky Rick and South Africa cricket hero Kagiso Rabada have scored an impressing Gig with Vaseline Men.

According to Bakani Ntaisi, Marketing Manager at Unilever the two are set to lead the campaign #SartStrong, saying the campaign aims to speak with modern South African man on the “path to greatness”.

“The #StartStrong campaign pays homage to the quintessential modern South African man on the path to greatness: hardworking, well-groomed, career-driven and focused,” says Ntaisi.

The rapper has been scoring Gig since last year, he has been name brand ambassador for Russian Beer Vodka. His face dominated several posters on the bill boards adverting brand for number of organisation.

To succeed today requires attention to the finer details: wearing the lucky suit, putting on your favourite cologne and getting a good night’s sleep. It’s the double, triple, quadruple checking of a presentation. It’s the aisle seat, the ironed shirt, the getting there early. It’s the meticulous routine, which begins with a skincare regime that expresses confidence and helps him start the day strong.

This is the reason why Vaseline partnered with music superstar Riky Rick and Kagiso Rabada for the campaign to exemplify the Vaseline man who is on his path to success.

It is clear that King Kontini is one of the real Hustlers, despite his business career Riky Rick remain one of the controversial acts in South African Music Industry scooping  number Awards of  year after year.


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