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Robber found hiding inside a fridge in Vredenburg

An Armed robbery suspect was found hiding inside a fridge in Vredenburg on Tuesday evening, Police said.

According to the police statement, members of Vredenburg Detective Services went beyond the extra mile and found an armed robber hiding in a fridge.

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“On Tuesday, 18 July 2017 members of Vredenburg Detective Service, whilst conducting a tracing operation in Louwville, Vredenburg again tried to trace a ‘wanted’ criminal at a premises in Oxford Road, Louwville, Vredenburg.” said SAPS in a statement.

“At about 06:30 the members approached the house and was again informed by an occupant of the house that the person they are looking for are not staying at that address.”

“The Detectives, who were in possession of a Warrant of Arrest entered the house and started with their search and that is when they opened the fridge door and found the armed robber hiding in the fridge.

“The 29 year old suspect was sought for an armed robbery case that occurred in February 2016 was again arrested and appeared today (Tuesday, 2017-07-18) in Vredenburg Magistrates Court.”