SAA to probe its employees linked in tender scandal

SAA, Releases financial statements

South African Airways (SAA) has lodged investigation against its employees liked to tender scandal.

Reports say an employee allegedly falsified documents and forged signatures of senior executives to award a multi-million rand tender to an IT security solutions company.

It is understood that a R13,6 million tender was awarded earlier this year without following procurement process.

According to SAA’s sourcing specialist Naomi Kwinda allegedly violated the airline’s procurement process by not presenting the tender documents to the bid adjudication committee at SAA.

SAA’s Tlali Tlali says the corporate has lodged an investigation on this matter.

“This matter is receiving attention from the highest level of management. We should be able to give an indication on what will happen going forward.”

Despite the airline recommending that Kwinda must face disciplinary hearing, the Airline also issued a written warning against her.


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