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SABC put an End to the ‘TNA Business Breakfast show’

Post SONA President Jacob Zuma at The New Age SABC Business Briefing

The Public Broadcaster South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)’s new board have canceled the controversial New Age (TNA) Business Briefings deal, which means the show will no longer be aired live on SABC.

The SABC have taken a bold step to distance itself from the controversial Gupta family by terminating all its links with the family media houses with immediate effect.

This week’s The New Age (TNA) Business Breakfast, from which the controversial family’s media company benefited, being the last of its kind.

“The board met with The New Age and informed them that the breakfasts are not going to continue … even though the current contract says they have to give 11 months’ notice,” said a source close to the board.

A deal which was enabling the Gupta-owned New Age newspaper and ANN7 television channel to broadcast their “breakfast briefings” live on SABC television with cost.

The public broadcaster have paid up to R1 million per episode for the show since launched in 2011.

The show used to host high-profile government ministers‚ including President Jacob Zuma.

Show enchor Peter Ndoro confirmed the cancelation through his tweeter account this morning


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