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Sacca to engage in talks with SAA to dodge a new protest

Sacca to engage in talks with SAA

The South African Cabin Crew Association (Sacca) promises to engage in talks with South African Airways (SAA) on Monday morning to ensure no strike is taking place again.

The association decided not to partake on a strike after it was granted permission to do so but feels there’s a dire need to meet the SAA dominant coalition to discuss its international meal allowance.

Zazi Nsibanyoni-Mugambi, Sacca’s president vows that they will protest if SAA fails to meet up with their demands.

Mugambi stated that “We do not want to just take a reckless decision. Obviously, it impacts a lot of our customers, we can’t take it lightly. So, we obviously want to exhaust every possible avenue before we take that decision.”

About 50 SAA international and domestic flights were cancelled when cabin crew members went on strike, in April.


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