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SACP urges Mbete to sanction secret ballot vote

The South African Communist Party (SACP) has urged Speaker of National Assembly Baleka Mbete to initiate recommendation handed by MP’s calling for a secret ballot in a vote of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma.

SACP urges Mbete to implement secret ballot vote

On Thursday the Constitutional Court ruled in favour of the United Democratic Movement (UDM) saying Mbete was mistaken after refusing to grant UDM permission for secret ballot vote saying she does not have powers to authorize the appeal.

The SACP’s Alex Mashilo says the Speaker can’t ignore the fact that many ANC MPs have been threatened with dismissals and disciplinary hearings if they vote in support of the motion.

“It is, therefore, going to be very important for the Speaker to be as comprehensive and holistic as possible in making her decision on this matter.”

The ANC says the application submitted by the UDM to the Constitutional Court is playful and annoying, saying the party welcomes the judgment.

According to reports, the Constitutional Court confirmed that UDM’s application to allow Parliament to hold a motion of no confidence in the president in secret is about executive accountability.

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng says any motion of no confidence is there to enhance the enforcement of accountability.

“When all the regular checks and balances seem to be ineffective or a serious accountability breach is sought to have occurred, then the citizens’ best interest could at times demand a resort to the ultimate accountability ensuring mechanisms.”