South African Gov’t spent over R40 billion on land claims

Farm Land in South Africa

South African government has spent over 40 billion RAND ($3.3 billion) on post apartheid Land claims, the process which involves the buyer-willing seller.

Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane confirmed that to date the government has settled 80 664 claims which have benefited 2.1 million beneficiaries at a cost of R40 billion, inclusive of financial compensation to beneficiaries.

She said 163 463 of these are female-headed households.

“To date we have restored 3.5 million hectares of land which can be used as a catalyst to change the lives of our people who are still stuck in the second economy.

“Land without the requisite support fails to unlock the full value chain,” she said.

In the year ahead, the department plans to acquire 98 100 hectares of land through the Pro-active Land Acquisition Strategy and through financial partnerships as part of Operation Phakisa initiatives.

She said labour tenants and farm dwellers will be prioritised.

Land expropriation without compensation:

Parliament resolved to expropriate the land without compensation to address the apartheid injustices in which taken off the land from the black majority.

The resolution established a Constitutional Review Committee to consider all aspects of expropriation without compensation, including the legal and economic aspects thereof.

The resolution of Parliament thus sets forth a process and the Constitutional Review Committee must report back to Parliament by 30th August 2018.

Land in-justices:

The Land Audit report on private land ownership by race, gender and nationality, released by the Department earlier this year, reveals that black South African’s own only 4% of the land in this country.