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Neymar to forfeit Barcelona bonuses if he decide to leave the Nou camp this summer | Pic: Twitter @BarcaSpiral
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Neymar to forfeit $31-million bonus if he exit Barcelona

According to reports Barcelona have blocked payment of $31-million (R409.74) bonus for star Brazilian attacker Neymar as speculation mounts that he will move to Paris Saint-Germain. “These 26 million euros have been placed with a notary pending to see if the player continues,” the source, who refused to be named, told AFP. The renewal bonus […]

Neymar to stand trial on ‘Transfer’ corruption charges
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Neymar to stand trial on ‘Transfer’ corruption charges

Neymar, Barcelona & his ex-club Santos to stand trial after losing appeals on corruptions charges over his transfer The Brazilian super-star would now stand for trail after losing an appeal in Spanish court over his trasfer to Barcelona from Santos corruption charges. Neymar has lost his final appeal and will stand trial on corruption charges […]