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The Fifth Anniversary of the Marikana Massacre

Five years ago on this day 34 striking mineworkers were shot and killed by the South African police over pay disputes with their employer Lomnin at the Marikana mine in North West.

A total of 44 people we killed on over-all and the then police commissioner Riah Phiyega was fired over the events unfolded.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa who was accused to have pushed the then Police minister Nathi Nhleko to act in a “more pointed way” against the striking mineworkers.He only managed offered the public apology about four years latter after the massacre which saw 34-miners varnished in a matter of seconds unfolded under his watch as a member of the Lomnin board.

The Marikana Massacre:

The Marikana Massacre Fifth Anniversary: