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The #GuptaLeaks reveals, how the Guptas screwed Denel

State arms manufacture Denel

According to the latest release of the famous #GuptaLeaks by amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism, the Gupta family set themselves up to sell the state arms manufacturer’s weapons to India in a deal involving a tycoon close to the prime minister.

Leaked records from the heart of the Gupta business empire help solve the mystery behind Denel Asia, the controversial arms marketing partnership that national treasury has tried to block.

The #GuptaLeaks show:

  • The Guptas tried to sell Denel’s intellectual property to India, while watering the state arms company’s stake down by half.
  • Acting as middlemen, they took the biggest stake for themselves and cut in a powerful Indian tycoon – close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi – for his “influence”.
  • They primed, wined and dined Denel’s then new chairman, Dan Mantsha, who sent them confidential government documents.

The Guptas arranged to sideline Denel and take the biggest share for themselves even though it was Denel’s proprietary technology that was to be sold.

These details are revealed in the #GuptaLeaks, a trove of electronic data sourced from the heart of the Guptas’ business empire.

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Source: amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism


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