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The ruling party’s leaders are too weak to lead – Wits Professor

According to Susan Booysen, Professor in the Wits School of Governance at the University of the Witwatersrand  “The ruling party’s leaders are too weak to lead, or too weak to take over.”

ANC (African National Congress) President and President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma,

In her article titled  “ANC policy anarchy ” Susan Booysen argues that the leadership of the South Africa’s governing party African National Congress (ANC) are not fit to lead the country following the party’s National Policy Conference which was held last week in Johannesburg.

She says disputed resolutions, deferred decisions and policy uncertainty were the prime bequests of the policy conference of struggle liberation movement “the troubled organisation”.

“The proceedings confirmed that the ANC leadership is in stalemate.” she added

According to Prof Booysen, ANC Leadership is in transition and factional leaders lack the authority to steer policy in directions that will address the country’s massive delivery backlog.

ANC policy conference according to Prof Booysen:

  • President Jacob Zuma and his faction are not letting go – neither of their ambitions to determine Zuma’s successor, nor of their efforts to make “radical economic transformation” their platform.
  • The ANC recognises that the cancer of corruption and capture afflicts it badly but stunted in finding ways to deal with it.
  • The policy conference was, in effect, a six-day war over policy. Factional forces manoeuvred relentlessly to secure influence and power.


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