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The Taxi Strike have just been called off across Gauteng

The Taxi Strike have just been called off following several hours of kiosk across Gauteng major roads leading to the industrial areas. The strike called-off after the negotiations between the organizers, business and officials.

Gauteng commuters and motorists left stranded this morning as taxi drivers go on strike against high interest rates charged on their minibus loan by the Chinese vehicle manufacturer Toyota.

All roads leading to the Gauteng industial area and business centres were blocked with mini-busses across the road. The main highways such as  N1, N3, N14 and Johannesburg’s M1 were all blocked with big truck and some minibus.

The N1 highway north-bound between Johannesburg and Pretoria has now been opened to traffic. It was closed earlier at Allandale, New road, Olifantsfontein and the R101 exits.

The strike has been called following the robust engagements between the City officials and the organizer of the Taxi-strike..




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