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“There’s no reason to badmouth the Guptas!” – Mzwanele Manyi

The New Age (TNA) owner Atul Gupta

The President of the Progressive Professional Forum (PPF), Mzwanele “Jimmy” Manyi, says that there’s no reason to badmouth the infamous Gupta Family since they are not found guilty of anything.

Manyi feels no shame for being found affiliated with the Gupta family after enormous rumors that he approached the family to assist him fill a higher position in public entities.

According to the City Press, News24’s sister publication, has learned that Manyi once sent emails to Sahara CEO, Ashu Chawla, in 2014 asking positions for attorney Xoliswa Mpongoshe and himself, too.

Manyi, the former African National Congress (ANC) spokesperson, came out defiantly and stood up against any allegations that were pointed at him with regards to the Gupta family and his relationship.

The PPF president also stated that helping people who are desperate of jobs is something he enjoys and that if he would be given another chance to do so, he would not resist.

Manyi said that: “If they say a Gupta can assist, I will give a CV to a Gupta,”

He went on to say that, “In this country people are so desperate. They eat rats out of desperation, they eat snakes, they eat grass, and they drink petrol out of desperation. So if I am sitting in a position where I can assist people not to go and eat rats but try and ensure that their CV gets into the pot for processing I will definitely do that. Will I do it today? I will still do it even today.”

Commenting on the speculations that the Gupta family ‘disrupting the white monopoly capital’, Manyi says that he does not see any wrongful attempts that the family has done in operating businesses in South Africa.

Manyi reiterated to say that: “I have a problem with hypocrites that we have in this country that are going to say Guptas this, Guptas that, and yet the same people have got nothing to say with banks of this country that are ripping us off every day – these hypocrites are quiet about this.

“The crime the Guptas have committed is to disrupt the white monopoly capital in their eating [of money].”

Manyi also blames the media for disseminating false information about the Gupta family, claiming that there are serious topics affecting the country but they fail to address such issues.

Manyi says that: “The only people that have pronounced on the Guptas are people with no credibility, the liars that are correcting their mistakes every day. The white monopoly capital media. So I do not take media seriously in this country. I do not read their newspapers because they lie every day.

Manyi remain confident that the Gupta family has done nothing wrong in SA and feels no worries if he can be labelled as a bad person.



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