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WC farmers welcomes a long awaited rainfall

Western Cape farmers welcomes rainfall

The Western Cape residents have received huge amounts of rainfall over the weekend, with farmers to be the most being happily ever after the long dry.

The Western Cape has been experiencing drought for quite a long time and most regions had been declared to be disastrous.

The Western Cape Spokesperson for Agri, Carl Opperman says “Wheat farmers need water to start germination. It is very, very dry.”

Opperman further stated that “At the moment, any rain and wind is not a problem because we need the rain. “Wind is not a problem because we need the rain.”

The City of Cape Town has implemented Level 4 water restrictions.

Level 4 restrictions include the following:

  • No irrigation/watering with municipal drinking water is allowed.
  • Private swimming pools may not be topped up or filled with municipal drinking water, even if they have a cover.
  • No washing of vehicles and boats with municipal water is allowed (commercial car washes may apply for an exemption, which will only be granted if wash water is recycled or waterless products are used).
  • Water features may not use municipal drinking water.
  • No hosing down of paved surfaces with municipal drinking water is allowed.

Capetownians are informed to look out for strong cold front before this week comes to an end.

Opperman is thrilled that the cold front would be much appreciated and will benefit them too.

The city residents are still urged to stick to the usage of 100 litres per person in their households.



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