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Wife ends 10-year-old marriage over lack of sexual satisfaction

A Customary Court in Nigeria on Tuesday dissolved the 10-year-old marriage between one Iyabo Adedayo (Mother of four) and her husband, Babatunde (Father of four), over lack of sexual satisfaction.

The wife told the court that the husband had been unable to satisfy her sexually. The couple share four kids and have together for a period of about 10-years.

She told the court that she no longer have any feeling for the husband again because he is lazy in bed and he can no longer satisfy her sexually.

The President of the court ruled that the marriage be dissolved due to irreconcilable differences.

“It is possible to take horse to the river, but impossible to force it to drink water.” said the President of the court, Mr Ademola Odunade

“The court tried to settle the matter between Iyabo and Babatunde, but there was no solution.

“Therefore, in the interest of peaceful coexistence, the union between Iyabo and Babatunde has been terminated.

“Iyabo shall take custody of the four children produced by the union.

“Babatunde shall pay a monthly feeding allowance of N10, 000 (R362.37) for the upkeep of the children in addition to being responsible for their education and other welfare needs,” he said

However the husband pleaded with the courts to help save the unfortunate marriage.