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Zuma expresses concern over land claimants who opt for cash

President Jacob Zuma

President Jacob Zuma has expressed concern over land claimants who opt for money instead of land.

“The economic liberation of our people is fundamentally based on land redistribution and ownership and we cannot compromise on this,” he said.

Speaking at the Traditional Leaders Indaba currently underway in Boksburg, President Zuma said he has advised traditional leaders to appoint a firm of attorneys to assist in the issue of land. The leaders indicated that the National House of Traditional Leaders was engaging the Black Lawyers Association to assist.

The indaba is being held under the theme, ‘Unity in Diversity – Together moving South Africa forward for an inclusive prosperous future’.

President Zuma said it is the duty of the people to lodge land claims, but only where they have proof. He said traditional leaders can be very helpful in this regard because their predecessors and forefathers fought land wars.

“What is discouraging to our people is that over 90% of claims are currently settled through financial compensation, which does not help the process at all.

“It perpetuates the dispossession that we are trying to solve. We urge those who obtain land to utilise it for food production or any other use without selling it and undermining the transformation programme,” President Zuma said.

President Zuma said no unlawful occupation of land should be permitted and tolerated, as this will cause chaos in the country.

“Any mining or other economic activities happening in the areas of traditional leadership must ensure that the community owns a certain percentage,” the President said.


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