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Actor Fana Mokoena joins the EFF in parliament

The South Africa’s finest actor Fana Mokoena has missed out on a role to play a part in the new movie hit “Interstellar” to join the revolutionary in parliament.

Fana Mokoena was today sworn in as the Economic Freedom Fighter(EFF) member of parliament(MP) today in the National Assembly to replace the Fighters who were elected into different Municipality Councils.

Fana Mokoena made his comeback into politics when he took over Mbuyiseni Ndlozi’s role at the EFF after the party announced Nlozi’s leave for studies.

The public broadcaster SABC, has stopped offering him acting jobs after his alliance to the opposition party EFF.

“I don’t get any work from the SABC any more,” he said, claiming an “insider” had told him he was being blacklisted because of his EFF connections.

Fana Mokoena together with the other two EFF members were officially sworn in as the EFF MPs following the elections.