ANC to study Zuma impeachment judgment & its implications

Zuma impeachment judgment, Constitutional court
Zuma impeachment judgment, Constitutional court

The ruling party African National Congress (ANC) respond following the Constitutional court judgment on whether the parliament should have impeached President Jacob Zuma for violating his “oath of office” on the Nkandla matter.

The party said it has noted the judgment delivered by the Constitutional Court today, 29 December 2017, in relation to the matter brought by a number of opposition parties for Parliament to institute impeachment proceedings against the President of the Republic of South Africa, Comrade Jacob Zuma.

“The ANC will study the judgment and discuss its full implications when the National Executive Committee meets on the 10th January 2018.” said ANC in a statement.

Constitutional court ruled on Friday that the parliament has failed to hold President Zuma accountable over the Nkandla upgrade scandal which relate to the misuse of the state funds by executive.

ANC is the majority party in the National Assembly with 280 members…

“We note and agree with strong reservation by Chief Justice & Deputy Chief Justice in the minority judgment regarding encroachment of the judiciary into internal functioning of national legislature. Parliament, however, respects the majority judgment and will comply fully with it” said ANC Spokesman in Parliament Moloko Moloto

“Parly Rules Committee had already initiated a process, as part of Rules overhaul, to outline a procedure to be followed in implementing section 89 of the Constitution.

“In this regard, Parliament will ensure finalisation of the process, in line with the Court’s order


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