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Are the Guptas settling in Dubai?

Our Question of the Day is: Are the Guptas Family settling well in Dubai? Have they really left South Africa?


Last month we saw the opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF) celebrating the departure of the state capture suspects Guptas business family from mining rich country South Africa to oil rich Dubai.

The EFF Commander in Chief Julius Malema announced to the media that President Jacob Zuma has left the country with a bag full of bank notes to an estimate of R6bn for the Guptas Family which was latter denied by the Presidency.

gptThe Gupta family have reportedly taken up residence in one of Dubai’s most expensive properties worth almost half a billion rands.

City Press reported on Sunday that the villa in Durbai’s Emirates Hills had a listing price of 110 million dirham (R445 million) when it came on the market in March 2015, and was the most expensive house in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the time. It was reportedly advertised as “awaiting a VVIP… with deep pockets”.

According to reports the Guptas new house has 10 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, nine reception rooms and parking space for 11 vehicles. It is decorated in marble and gold and has a hand-painted dome.

The mansion is situated in one of Dubai’s most expensive areas, and is extravagant even by Dubai’s standards, according to City Press.

The Guptas reportedly left South Africa for Dubai after being exposed for an alleged state capture which saw their names dominating the mainstream media and the banks terminating ties with them.

According to reports Members of the Gupta family left South Africa to occupy their R445m Dubai mansion on a private jet a month ago, it was reported at the time.

It all stated with Nene’s Axing…

The Guptas came into the spot-lite after the axing of the former finance minister Nhlanhla Nene for an alleged failure to cooperate with commands from President Zuma and the Guptas.

Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas were the first Whistle-blower to expose the Gupta after admitting to have being awarded the high ranking ministerial post by the family.

Former African National Congress(ANC) Virtjie Mentor broke the whistle two almost a month ago when she announced she was also offered a ministerial top post the Guptas family with President Zuma on the other side.

President Zuma latter denied all the allegation leveled against him or capture by the Guptas, he insisted that he only appoints the members of the cabinet not the Guptas.